The olive harvest is the final moment of the oil campaign.

It is difficult to establish a fixed period when the harvest has to be carried out From year to year, the beginning of the harvest depends on various factors such as:

The best period for the olive harvest is the one that allows to obtain the maximum oil yield with the best organoleptic characteristics.

This period does not coincide with the most advanced stage of olives ripeness.

On the contrary, it can be placed before the so-called “veraison” phase, when the olives change color from bright green to red-purplish-black.

Taking as reference a year characterized by an average quantity of olives produced per plant and by the typical climatic trend, Nocellara del Belice harvest begins in the first half of October and is completed by the end of November.

In this way, the olive oil:


There are numerous techniques of olive harvest, among these the most famous common are:

Before starting the harvest with one of the techniques listed above, it is necessary to place nets on the ground under the olive trees crown. On these nets the olives detached from the plant are collected.

The olives accumulated on the nets are then transferred inside big plastic boxes.

Then the olives are transported to the olive oil mill for the pressing within 48 hours.

If the storage is too long, harmful chemical processes are triggered causing high degree of acidity and oxidation of the olive, especially in the case the olives are already very ripe.

In our farm we use manual or mechanical techniques, with the aim of preserving the quality of the olives harvested and minimizing the time between the harvesting and the pressing.

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