The path towards organic certification

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Gettate le basi per l'ottenimento dell'olio EVO Tunnaliva BIO
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Gettate le basi per l'ottenimento dell'olio EVO Tunnaliva BIO

The world around us has undergone enormous changes in recent years. Among these, one of the most positive was the renewed attention to what we put on our tables and the value of healthy food.

About a year ago we decided to start the process of converting to an organic farm and we did so because we were deeply convinced that we were contributing to this great revolution.

Obtaining the organic certification is not easy at all, it has costs and it is precisely this that gives added value to an organic extra virgin olive oil compared to a conventional one. We would like to tell you about the long journey towards the organic certification and we want to start by talking about the steps taken so far.

After submitting the application with our trusted agronomist, we received the first checks from the Bioagri cert certification body and started following the regulations.

After having eliminated pesticides, used in conventional agriculture to contrast anything that damages plants and compromises their harvest, including herbicides used to control weeds and weeds and mineral fertilizers, we have only used organic plant protection products permitted by regulations.

On our side, we have doubled our efforts in cultivation by treating the soil more frequently to control weeds and applying targeted agronomic techniques such as more streamlined pruning.

Let's not hide the fact that the plants experienced a lower production during the first year as we did not use chemical products capable of enhancing the vegetation and consequently the quantity of olives per plant.

However, despite these "negative" aspects, we at Tunnaliva are, if possible, even more convinced of our choice.

In addition to the respect for the environment and the protection of plants and animals, we believe that a product such as olive oil, used daily by all of us, young and old, must be totally genuine without any trace of chemicals.

Be wary of those who classify their product as BIO only because they do not use a specific pesticide. Only with the traceability that the BIO brand can ensure you can be sure of your purchase.

Non vediamo l’ora di completare il percorso di conversione per offrirvi l’olio EVO Tunnaliva BIO.


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