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Our Family

La famiglia Tunnaliva

Our family has been working in the world of agriculture for generations and is specialized in particular in the cultivation of olive trees

For many years we have been focused exclusively on cultivation and have supplied some of the most well-known leading companies in this sector

In 2021 Rocco and Domenico, in continuity with their father Carlo, developed the idea of ​​giving their own EVO oil its own uniqueness through the "Tunnaliva" project.

Why Tunnaliva ?

Starting from the choice of the name, "Tunnaliva" wants to be a homage to Nocellara del Belice, commonly called "aliva tunna" which we can translate in Sicilian dialect as "round olive" with its typical rounded shape.

As our brand shows, "Tunnaliva" is based on the natural elements of water and soil, where the Olive tree has its roots and draws susteinance.

Thus the Olive tree grows and becomes strong and timeless, but able to look around itself with vitality.

"Tunnaliva" project is based on three keywords: storytelling, awareness, quality. Let's find out together…




ITALIAN Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Family Farm

Nocellara del Belice - IGP Sicilia

Ours is a small family-run farm that has its roots in the Sicilian peasant tradition.

Over the decades, from generation to generation, we have evolved and specialized in the cultivation of olive trees.

Our olive groves are located in the so-called "Valle del Belice" and give life to the variety called "Nocellara del Belice", unique in its characteristics and peculiarities.

From our Family to ALL Families

Watch the Video to know the Secret of Our Oil

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The treatments we do on our olive trees are shared on the blog and on our social channels. So you can follow the growth and maturation of our olives from flowering to harvest.


We strive daily to raise awareness for farming times and nature laws to promote its central role in the society.


Our EVO "Tunnaliva" has a very low acidity and peroxide content, it is genuine because it comes only from our wonderful olive trees and will amaze you with its strong character and intense flavor.