PGI Sicilia is a Protected Geographical Indication recognized in 2016 by the European Union concerning extra-virgin olive oil produced with olives harvested in Sicily and compliant with the Regulations.

IGP Sicilia

Il PGI Regulation prescribes a series of rules that farmers have to comply with in order to obtain the PGI. Among these:

Only specific olive varieties allowed, including Nocellara del Belice

Maximum quantity of 100 quintals of PGI Sicilia olives per hectare of land

Traditional cultivation techniques and in accordance with the Control Plan

Manual olive harvesting or by mechanical means only

Milling within 48 hours of harvesting only in authorized mills

Production, milling and packaging on the Sicilian territory

Chemical and organoleptic analysis of the packaged oil


Our farm and all our olive groves are subject to the PGI Sicilia Regulations and compliance checks carried out by the Regional Institute of Wine and Oil (IRVO).

IRVO, as a control body authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Forestry, monitors compliance with the Regulations in accordance with the methods and frequency provided for in the Control Plan.



Tunnaliva EVO oil was selected by Gambero Rosso, the influential Italian food and wine magazine, to be included in the prestigious Oli D'Italia 2023 guide where you can find the top 100% made in Italy extra virgin olive oils.

For years, Oli D'Italia guide has been bringing the best Italian extra virgin olive oils to the attention of all enthusiasts and buyers of the sector, both Italian and foreign.

Olio EVO Tunnaliva Oli D'Italia
2520-Silver Medal-sticker

EVO Tunnaliva oil received the silver medal at the prestigious international competition EVO IOOC , held in front of a jury made up of professionals tasters from all over the world.

The competition is included by the World Ranking Extra Virgin Olive Oil (an organization specializing in the promotion of the best EVOs) among the top five international competitions on extra virgin olive oil and first in Italy.

In 2023, Tunnaliva EVO oil won the gold medal at the 10th edition of the international packaging and innovation competition organized by Olio Officina in the category gourmet oils with packaging.

The competition is a worldwide point of reference for all those companies that invest in the creation of quality packaging with elements of innovation capable of enhancing the gourmet oils contained within.